Sandspit Community Society

The Sandspit Community Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping our community vibrant. As well as a number of projects around the community we operate the following businesses.


Sandspit Inn

The Sandspit Inn provides the only full service hotel in Sandspit providing year round service in our hotel, restaurant, and lounge, and employment to residents. We consider the Inn to be essential to the social and economic well-being of the community. The Inn has 20 rooms, and is the home of the Spar Tree Restaurant. Visit the Sandspit Inn’s webpage, or call 250 637 5377 and email

Sandspit Visitor Centre

Located in the Sandspit Airport, the centre provides information to visitors, employment to residents, and opportunities for local artists and craftsmen to sell products in the gift shop.

To contact the Visitor Centre, call 250 637 5362 or



Sandspit Bus

The bus provides transportation services to the Community of Sandspit. Operated as a chartered bus service requiring a reservation; adventure travelers, tour operators, individuals, and community members can access every area of the region, including remote points on Moresby Island or Graham island.

The bus also works with the school board to provide transportation for high school students so that they can attend class in the Village of Queen Charlotte.

Visit our webpage here or email us at to enquire or make a booking!