the Dover Trail - old growth hike

Located at the west end of Sandspit, just passed the marina on your way to the ferry landing, this 6km long, 2-hour hiking trail loop in the Damaxyaa Conservancy follows Haans Creek into the old growth forests Haida Gwaii is famous for.


This trail starts out easy and becomes more difficult further in with very uneven ground and muddy/slippery sections. Potential blowdown and seasonal landslides can make the trail hard to follow.

Large cedar and spruce trees make this forest trail a magical experience. In the fall, salmon runs can be observed in Haans creek.

Onward point - short forest loop hike, whale viewing platform & ocean vistas


Located halfway between the ferry landing in Alliford Bay and the townsite of Sandspit (about 6km from both locations), the Onward Point trail is a short 20mn loop through second growth Spruce and Cedar stands. It leads to a whale viewing platform, with best chances to spot cetaceans mostly in the spring. Any time of year though, you can see porpoises, seals and birds. The trail has recently been expanded and takes the hikers on a longer loop in a forest on the opposite side of the road. Inquire locally.

copper bay - seasonal fishing village


Copper Bay is a traditional fishing ground for the Skidegate Haida and is quite popular when the fish are running up the rich waters of the Copper River. Many salmon species make the trip upriver every year. It can be a crowded place, where eagles, bears, seals and even sea lions fill up the bay in a frenzy of salmon feeding. In the fall, the Copper Bay Coho Derby draws in a crowd of fishermen, a tradition since more than 65 years. The event takes place on the 4 weekends leading up to the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Gray Bay - campsites, endless beaches and trails


Located on the east coast of Moresby Island, south of Sandspit in the Kun⨱alas Conservancy, and accessed by a 26km long gravel road, Gray Bay is a fabulous beach with more than 15 vehicle access free provincial campsites.

Access to the easy 1km long Secret Cove trail is just before the Bay itself.

Apart from groomed sites, tables and pit toilets, there are no services in the area, bring your water, food and shelter.

Mosquito Lake - campsite and easy lake access

Haida Gwaii 2011 042.jpg

Named not after the infamous flying insect, but the WWII fighter bomber (The DeHavilland Mosquito), for which many spruce trees were cut on island, this scenic lake is nestled among some of the highest peaks on Haida Gwaii: Mount Moresby and Mosquito Mountain.

Access is by logging road from either Sandspit (about 40km) or Alliford Bay (about 35km).

There is a small (9 sites) and free provincial campground with boat access. It is possible to catch trout, or climb the Mosquito peaks on the far side (for the more experienced adventurers, inquire locally).

Apart from groomed sites, tables and pit toilets, there are no services in the area, bring your water, food and shelter.

MORESBY CAMP - campsite, boat access & gateway to gwaii haanas

Moresby Camp is the end of the road and the start of your boating adventure. It is also a popular campsite with day use areas and shelter.


Travelers wanting to explore the wild expanses of South Moresby island and Gwaii Haanas usually start their trip from this area, where there is a concrete boat launch and a large parking lot.

For the more adventurous, access to Moresby Mountain is at a turnoff just before Moresby Camp. The hike up the highest summit on Haida Gwaii is challenging, inquire locally.

Apart from groomed sites, tables and pit toilets, there are no services in the area, bring your water, food and shelter.

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